God sized dreams aren’t accomplished alone, they require a team. The awesome thing about a team, is that there are different levels of people with different skill sets and responsibilities that are all working toward a common goal. Meet our team!

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board serves as more experienced practitioners that have made themselves available to coach and assist us as we seek to follow Jesus' mission for our church. These men have given their lives to making the church great and we are blessed to have each of their support as we move forward.

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Dan Southerland

Teaching Pastor At Restore Community Church

Dan has been a part of starting a lot of new churches. In addition to the churches he has personally planted and pastored Dan was a part of founding a NewThing Network in Kansas City that has planted more than 20 churches in 10 years.

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Rob Wegner

Church PLANTER OF KC Underground

Rob and an amazing team of people in Kansas City created the B.L.E.S.S. and Simple Church Learning Communities that we are using to develop our team members. Rob is also stepping into launching the Underground KC which will operate very similar to the way Living Water functions.

Brian Phipps.jpeg

Brian Phipps

Creator of Disciple Made

Brian has both planted and pastored churches for a very long time. Brian's heart beats for multiplying Disciple Making which is the core foundation of who we are at Living Water. Brian Created the Disciples Made system which has already helped people of Living Water to take significant steps in their faith.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for Living Water Church will manage the operational direction for our church. They will be the decision makers as we make changes, purchases, and set the overall tone and direction for what God is calling us to do as a church. The Board of Directors will lean heavily on the Advisory Board when navigating any big changes or decisions, after all there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors. (edited)

Zak Windsor: President

Donovan Lawrence: Treasurer

Amy Bruso: Secretary



Zak Windsor

Start-Up Coaching

If you are dreaming about starting something new, Zak is your guy. Anything from starting churches to meeting tangible needs in our city. If you're dreaming Zak would love to help you take steps to make your dream a reality.

Contact: zak@livingwaterchurch.tv


Harmony Williams

On-Going Coaching

After you've started a simple church or a new ministry we want to come alongside you and help you to continue to navigate the steps of keeping your vision in focus as you pursue your dream. Whether you need a friend to help you along or have come to a crossroads in your ministry Harmony would love to pray with you and help you figure out your next steps.

Contact: harmony.williams@livingwaterchurch.tv



Calling Discovery Team

Every single person that God created has a unique calling that only they can do. We want to help you discover that calling.

Media Team

When you are starting something new there are all kinds of different needs that you will come across. If you need a logo, website, or any design work done we would love to help.

Contact: chris.cerna@livingwaterchurch.tv


Donavan Lawrence

Financial Services  

The financial services team is available to help you impact our city. If there's something that you are dreaming of, chances are it's going to cost something. We want to help you in any way possible.

Contact: finance@livingwaterchurch.tv


Amy Bruso

Hospitality Team

Beyond providing amazing hospitality for our monthly gathering Amy would love to help you create the most hospitable environment possible for your simple church.

Contact: amy.bruso@livingwaterchurch.tv


Olivia Clarke

Worship Team

Beyond providing exceptional worship for our monthly gatherings the worship team is available to help simple churches identify ways to worship in their Simple Churches.

Contact: olivia.clarke@livingwaterchurch.tv

Nona Reida

Pastoral Care Team

Pastors need to be pastored, and sometimes need help pastoring. Nona would love to help you navigate some of the rough waters of pastoral care so that you can be confident that you and the people around you are being cared for well.

Contact: nona.reida@livingwaterchurch.tv



Kids ministry Team

Raising our children to know God, love God, and follow God is a huge priority to us! Not only will Vicky help ensure that our children have a wonderful kids ministry experience at The Gathering, but she will also help Simple Churches work through how they can best invest in their children.

Contact: vicki.phillips@livingwaterchurch.tv