When Grief Knocks, Answer the Door

When Grief Knocks, Answer the Door

Grief. Many of us experience this dreaded and often very intense emotion more times than we hope to in our lives. It can set in after unforeseen changes arise; transition, death, loss, break-up, divorce or any other life-altering event. How do you handle it?

Many people think the clock to getting past grief starts at the time tragedy.  However, I disagree. Typically…

From A Heart Of Stone, To A Heart Like Jesus

From A Heart Of Stone, To A Heart Like Jesus

Community. Love. Relationship. Authenticity. Comfort

In my opinion, these words should always coincide. When you have a community of people, you should feel loved. When you are in relationship with others, it should be unashamedly authentic. You should feel safe and cared for. You should feel as though you can open up the deepest and darkest parts of yourself and still be loved for exactly who you are. Sadly……



I recently attended a funeral for a baby who was born in a very traumatic way that caused her to be without oxygen for an undetermined amount of time. She entered the world at 33 weeks gestation. She fought hard and lived for 12 days. Attending a funeral for a baby will break your heart in a way you may have never felt before. As I think about how my friend and her family are feeling during this time, the pain I feel for them is so intense I can hardly stand it. I would do anything to take their pain away and allow them to have their little girl back.

I would never wish pain and suffering on anyone, but in our broken world we have pain and suffering. It is unavoidable and necessary. Without pain we would not be moved to action. Without pain we would not turn to Jesus. Without pain we would not grow. God does not cause our pain, but He does allow it and He uses it for His purpose. If we run toward our pain and not from it, God can mold us and shape us through the pain. We can come out on the other side stronger and with a new purpose that God can use. We must use our pain to help others and point them to Jesus. Until Jesus comes back we have a purpose and we can not just sit on the sidelines. People will always be watching to see how we handle the pain and suffering in our lives and what we do with it sets us apart from others.

My prayer is that Jesus will be our redeemer in times of pain. We will never understand why things happen on this earth, but Jesus can make anything new. We only need to turn to Him and allow Him to heal our hearts.

They remembered that God was their Rock that God Most High was their redeemer”

Psalm 78:35


Resolution Solution - Using His Power Over Yours

Resolution Solution - Using His Power Over Yours

The season of New Year’s resolutions is upon us! Most people are thinking about their goals for a new year and prepping and planning for those to start at the beginning of January. I know I am! I’ll be focusing on my health (which includes weight loss) and parenting in 2018. Everyone starts out motivated and hopeful that they will achieve the big dreams that they have for themselves, but somewhere around week 3 or month 3 people begin to fall off... The gyms go back to their dedicated few and those books you said you would read become end table accessories. Why does this happen? Why do we get so pumped up and then fall flat on our face?

I believe this happens because...