Feed My Sheep


In John 21, Jesus tells Peter three times to “feed My sheep”. When I read this, it totally slapped me in the face. My first thought was, “How am I feeding His sheep?”. I sat down and thought about different ways I could “feed” a person. I could, of course, literally feed people food. Or I could feed knowledge, training, teaching, guidance, and love. Throughout the Bible, God refers to believers as sheep, which led me to think about shepherds. They have a flock that they look after, they tend to, and they feed. So then I thought “Who is in my flock? What people am I reaching and feeding?” My flock is the homeless. There are many ways I hope I can “feed” them. The homeless ministry I am a part of hopes to feed the homeless with an opportunity of support. We want to let them know we are here to help. Our “food” will be guidance in walking alongside them to help end homelessness. We want to raise funds and work with other organizations to get affordable housing and help pay some of their rent and help them find jobs to pay the rest. We want to feed them with education, so helping them get schooling. We have some big dreams on what we will be feeding our local homeless but what I hope to feed them most is the love of Jesus.

What you feed your flock can really make a huge difference. Let's look at beef for a second. The difference between grass-fed cows and corn-fed cows is huge. Cows are fed corn to fatten them up in an unhealthy way. This is hard on the cows and does not make for the healthiest meat. Grass makes for a better meat that is more rich in heart-healthy fatty acids. Just like what you put into a cow is important, it's important what you put into people. People need spiritual food for spiritual strength. If people are not fed the spiritual food they will be like the corn-fed cow. If we feed them in spiritual food then they will be like the grass-fed cow, healthy and used to fill up other people. Worldly things that fill people up like the corn will not count in the end. What will count is the grass that is spiritual food. Two big spiritual foods you can use to fill people up is scripture and prayer. My hope for you is that you will feed your flock up spiritually, and healthy. God is calling you to feed His sheep. Who will you feed and what will you feed them?

God. Growth. Groups- Our plan for your journey

God. Growth. Groups- Our plan for your journey

I have been having conversations with our advisory board the last few weeks about the best way to go about groups for Living Water Church. Through those conversations at times I have felt completely overwhelmed and confused; with a lack of clear vision for what we need to do. We know as a Leadership Team that we want to be in community and that we want all of you to be in community with others. We know that there is something missing from the traditional bible study method and something just doesn’t seem to be connecting with the contemporary small group method. That has left us in this very interesting predicament - either we create an extremely rigid process that everyone has to follow or we open up multiple “on ramps” in various stages and place the ownership on the entire body for how this community takes shape. We have decided that...