Church Update

Church Update Dec 14, 2018


Hi everyone!
There is a lot happening right now within Living Water Church and I couldn't be more excited about the changes we are making! December 2 started our new series “Simple Churches” where we have been discussing our transition into churches that meet in homes.  It's crazy to think that Living Water Church has existed for almost 2 years and during this time I have had the chance to meet some amazing people who have said things like, "We are all in” and “this is the community that God is leading us to be a part of". The community has been my favorite part of Living Water Church and with this shift, we will be able to truly deepen those relationships and become a healthier community of faith.  I think I am most excited about seeing people begin to step out for the first time and begin to pray and ask God to help them identify what their Kingdom Dream is. Last night I had the opportunity to sit around a fire with some men and we were able to speak life into someone who is on the cusp of having their Kingdom Dream begin to take shape. I'm ready to see each and every person in our Simple Churches take a step towards their fulfilling their Kingdom Dream! 

I want to use the rest of this email to help know what happens next.


Cerna Open House 

Date: December 16 & December 30

Time: 12:30 pm - Lunch will be provided
Address: 469 S Woodlawn Blvd, Derby KS

We will eat together, answer any questions you might have, discuss what a Simple Church is and share our hopes for what community, worship, and living on mission will look like for us.  

Williams Open House
Date: December 23 & December 30
Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm - Snacks will be provided

Address: 1402 Shelly Dr, Mulvane KS


We will get together and eat some yummy snacks while we discover what it looks like to be a missional community and how to begin living life on mission together! Bring any questions you might have, we will discover the answers together!

Windsor Open House

Date: December 30

Time: 9 am  - Breakfast will be provided
Address: 1601 East Southridge Ct. Derby KS

This will be a time to eat together and explore what being a part of our community will look like! 


Date: January 6 & 27

Time: 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Address: Cedar Pointe Church 9221 E 31st St S, Wichita, KS 67210


We are extremely thankful for Cedar Pointe Church’s generosity and look forward to our partnership with them. 

Every month at The Gathering Living Water Church will provide dinner so that we can eat together. After we finish eating kids will get checked into kid’s ministry and adults will gather for a worship service. Mark your calendar with the dates below!

January 6- The Gathering
January 13- Simple Church
January 20- Simple Church
January 27- The Gathering
February 3- Simple Church
February 10- Simple Church
February 17- Simple Church
February 24- The Gathering
March 3- Simple Church
March 10- Simple Church
March 17- Simple Church
March 24- The Gathering
March 31- Simple Church



I know this is a lot to take in and you may have some questions so I wanted to address some questions we’ve received so far.


Q: Not a question, but this is scary! 

A: This is totally an understandable feeling to encounter with a shift like this. Change can often be frightening because of so many unknown variables. The good news is that our Board of Directors believes that this is the right step for our church and that this is the next step that God is having us take. As long as we continue to seek God and do whatever he says, we will accomplish all he has set out for us.

Q: What will happen to all of our portable equipment? 
A: We have acquired quite a bit of equipment, some of it has been purchased by us, given to us, or loaned to us. The equipment we own but won’t use at the Gathering will go into storage. The loaned equipment such as the trailer and portable boxes will go back to the churches that let us borrow that equipment. We are extremely thankful for all of the churches who have loaned and donated equipment to us

Q: Can we try multiple Simple Churches? 
A: We can’t stop anyone from trying multiple simple churches, but we can suggest and even discourage you to not do that. This model of church is extremely personal; you are essentially sharing your life with multiple families. To jump in for a few weeks and then pull out is bound to leave some people feeling rejected and hurt. With that being said, we completely understand wanting to find the right fit! This is why we have created Open Houses. We encourage you to attend all of them or meet with the pastors of these Simple Churches and get a feel for what that Simple Church will be like. 

We highly encourage you to pray about this. If you begin in prayer and go where God leads you, you will end up in the right community.

Q: What will Kid’s Ministry look like in the context of a simple church? 
A: Every Simple Church will have to explore what will work best for the kids that are in their simple church. Some churches may be made up of primarily teenagers; some will be made up of kids under the age of six, while others will have a blend of all age groups. We want our children to feel like they are the church so they will eat, pray and worship with everyone. Here are some examples of ways to invest in kids in your simple church:

1. Have parents take turns planning an hour of kids community each week.

2. Have your simple church meet 2 days out of the week and designate one of those times as "adult-focused " and the other as "kids focused”. This is a big commitment but has the opportunity to work out well.

3. If your simple church has teenagers in it, there is an opportunity for them to embrace investing in those younger than them. Living on mission for them would be teaching, loving, and creating community with and amongst the kids. They could be a part of a Simple Church geared towards teens during the week to help fill the need for community in their lives

These are just a few options that we know; your Simple Church may come up with other options or even make tweaks to ones listed above. The most important thing is that each Simple Church figures out what works best for the people involved.

If you have a question not yet answered please email me or grab one of our pastors on Sunday morning, we would love to talk with you!