Church as a Team?


Teamwork; we all have a different view of it, mainly because we have all had different experiences with teams. Some of them have been good and others may have been dysfunctional. Regardless of all of our experiences, Jesus and the authors of the writings of the New Testament have made it very clear that we (the Church) are supposed to be unified and of one mind. 

It is clear that we need to be working together. After all, we want to dream God-size vision that would be impossible to accomplish without one another. We are a team and we need each other if we are going to accomplish all that God has called us to accomplish.

This is why we are working so diligently to build teams to work in our kids ministry, hospitality ministry, set-up and tear-down, as well as our discipleship team. These opportunities only scratch the surface of the ways that exist to serve your church! There are even more opportunities creatively and administratively that are behind the scenes!

We are looking to add around 25 people to our hospitality team as we look to build toward launching Sunday morning services in the fall. This ministry is a great opportunity to be the smile or kind word that someone, who walks through our doors discouraged and tired, may need.

The kid's ministry team needs 15-20 passionate leaders to come alongside our kids and lead them to know, love and follow God. You could be the person that impacts the eternity of a young life. How amazing would it be to leave that kind of lasting impact on our world?

The set-up and tear-down team is looking to add 20 people to serve by making sure our environments are set up (and broken down) with excellence and in a timely manner. This is a great way to use your muscles to help people see the love of Jesus!

There truly are more opportunities than you have time to read in this post, but I want all of us to pray and listen to God to find where our kingdom impact might be! When you're ready to find the team for you to join click here and let us know!

God is building something very special in our church and you are a part of it! Thank you for faithfully stepping into all that God tells you to do.

Know you are loved,