Teaching Teams- Why More Is Better Than One

Teaching Team.

We recently announced that Kyle Peoples would be joining Chris Cerna and I on the Teaching Team at Living Water Church. While this is a huge deal and we are extremely excited about it, I thought it might be helpful to explain why we have multiple teachers in the first place.

1) We are called to multiply. This is the most important reason that we are intentionally raising up new communicators. Truthfully, every role in the church needs to continually multiply and reproduce new leaders and this does not exclude weekend communication.

2) In order for you to get multiple views on the topics at hand, we believe as a team, that God is going to guide us and use us based on one another’s experiences and passions to provide you with a well rounded approach to our sermons. Simply put, we are different, thus our communication styles are different. The Gospel is the same for all of us and our mission provides unity that we all need inside the local church.

3) I can’t do it all. I’d love to tell you that I’m an all-star, that can do all things and be all things for all people, but I can’t. This team provides a balance in the schedule that insures we are each taking care of ourselves spiritually and not guiding you through peaks and valleys on an empty tank. Plus, I am genuinely looking forward to sitting with my family and soaking in the teaching from both Kyle and Chris!

I hope you are as excited as I am that God is continually building Living Water Church with a strong core of leaders that will multiply themselves, multiply disciples and ultimately multiply churches!